Batwannes Beek Musical – Tarab 3al 7atab

Batwannes Beek is as short upbeat, fun, energetic and inspiring musical that examines the passionate nature of people that love their professions and the harmonious effect of collaboration. The narrative starts off in a bland conference room where we meet the main characters, and focus on one in particular. She may be at the meeting physically, but her heart and mind are elsewhere. As she starts to imagine each of her colleagues in various inspired work environments, the story kicks off into fantasy land as we witness people in various professions performing with passion and energy through choreographed movement and song. The energy is contagious as we transition into the second level of fantasy: performance. We see the same people as Tarab 3al 7atab members, on stage, in their element and performing with soul. At the end of the performance, we are jolted back into reality in the conference room ambiance, and left wondering…what if?

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Directed by: Robert Abboud

Produced by: Mais Salman

Executive Producers: Lama Zakharia & Jana Zeineddine

Director of Photography: Ahmad Jalboush

Choreography by: Lana Abu-Khader

Art Director: Layla Salem

Editor/VFX: Shafiq Olabi

First Assistant Director: Tarik Afifi

Second Assistant Director: Aseel Abuayyash



Lama Zakharia

Jana Zeineddine

Michel Ma’ayeh

Lana Abu-khader

Rania Zabaneh


Tamer Gargour

Maya Ghaddar

Khadir Srouji

Jacqui Basker


Anwar Al-Berkawi

Isheh Shihadeh

Rama Khalifeh

Sara Alamad

Sheila Croft

Tara Abboud

Somar Al Ja’afari


First Assistant Camera: Ayan Hatoqay

Second Assistant Camera: Raed Alhorane

Crane Operator: Abu El-Lail Amer

Gaffer: Mohammad Abushawish

Key Grip: Feras Dihouth

Grip: Qusai Harb, Loui Hassan & Hussam Nasri 

Production Sound Mixer: Nour Halawani 

Music Playback: Zeina Azar

Prop Master: Ramin Al-Ramini

Art Assistants: Farah Hijazi, Natalie Beiruti & Sarah Al-Naemi

Tarab 3al 7atab designs byTatyana Aceeva

Costume Supervisor: Zeina Soufan

Costume Assistant:  Zina Mufleh

Make-up Artist: Farah Jadaane & Nour Aldin

Hair Stylist: Bill Hazzam & Mahmoud Maani

Special FX Coordinator: Saleem Awad

Location Manager: Shamel Toghoj 

Assistant Location Manager: Murad Toghoj

Set PA: Ahmad Khomakho, Natalie Demerjian  & Joseph Shamoun

Colorist: Serene Issa

Visual Effects: Saif Kiswani

Sound Editor: Philip Hashweh

Song Arrangement: Tarek Al-Jundi & Lama Zakharia

Studio Sound Engineer: Saeed Bazoqa

Arrangement Editor: Ghadeer Abeido


Original Song Batwannes Beek – Warda

Original Music Owned & Licensed by: Alam El Phan – Subsidiary of Mazzika Group
Lyricist: Omar Batisha
Original Song Composer: Salah El Sharnouby
Original Song Publisher:  Alam El Phan


Batwannes Beek is our story in‘s ‪#‎WhatsYourStory‬ campaign   Tarab 3al 7atab