A Cold Morning in November 

A Short One-Take Narrative Film


 Official Film


An elderly woman starts her November morning just like every other morning beside her dear husband only to realize that her whole life is never going to be the same again.


Cannes Film Festival (Short Film Corner)
Cannes, France
May, 2015

Festival du film franco arabe Noisy le Sec
Paris, France
October 2014

Franco Arab Film Festival
Best Narrative Film Jury And Audience Award
Amman, Jordan
June 2014

Original Narrative Film Festival
Dubai, UAE
February, 2014


The Story Behind the film:

“A Cold Morning in November” is a film inspired by actual life experience. It was after my grandfather passed away, and the very sad consequences. Watching my grandmother trying to come to terms with her great loss, and at the same time spreading her love among her children and grandchildren. The ultimate self-sacrifice. This film touches base on the concept of ageing, loss, grief, and ultimately hope for a new beginning. November is indicative of death and hope for a new beginning. In this short film, reality is mixed with imagination in a very believable way.


Why One take?

The Film speaks about one moment in the life of the main character. A One-take film, you are living the moment with the character with no cuts.

Cast and Crew

Lead Actor: Nadira Omran

Supporting Actor: Nabil Kawni

Director/ Co-Producer: Robert Abboud

Producer: Aseel Abu Ayash

Writer: Rifqi Assaf

Cinematographer: Ahmad Jalboush

Assistant Camera: Fadi Moris

Art Director: Layla Salem

Assistant Art: Ramin Al Ramini

Makeup Artist: Wafaa Al Zoubi

Sound Design: George Alwer

Editor/ Colorist: Shafiq Olabi

Original Music Composer: Robert Abboud


Technical Information:

Exact Runtime: 
00 hr : 08 min : 35 sec

Date of Completion:
 February 2014

Country of Production:

Aspect Ratio: 2.35 (SCOPE)

Main Dialog Language: Arabic

Subtitles Language: English, French


The Film Poster:

The FIlm Poster

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